Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sunday morning sew: Bali table runner

Sometimes you just have to give into insomnia and devote that “found time” to something productive…and creative.


Escaping the winter blues at Longwood Gardens

Although I see shoots of green leaves sprouting from the ground, a signal that daffodils and crocus are readying their annual display, I’m still surrounded by bare tree branches and dormant shrubs. Clearly, I’m overdue for a day trip to Longwood Gardens.

The ‘Scrappy Trip’ continues

For what seems like the first time since the holiday season began in November, this weekend I had NOTHING scheduled for Sunday — no concerts, no neighborhood gatherings, no NFL playoff games — so I was able to spend nearly six hours sewing. Bliss.

My Mercury glass DIY attempt

I’ve been in love with Mercury glass since I was a little girl, helping my parents decorate our Christmas tree with the glass ornaments from their childhood. There’s something about that rich, mottled pewter tone that spoke to me even in my pre-teens.