Pinterest turns everyone into Martha Stewart

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Years ago, if you were looking for a new recipe to try out or wanted to impress your guests with a unique tablescape, you’d head to a bookstore and browse through lifestyle and cooking magazines. These days, a world of ideas, tips and advice are just a few clicks way…on Pinterest.

I came to this realization last week, when I found myself searching Pinterest for a jambalaya recipe, a departure from my normal routine of searching for recipes via Google.  And here’s why: the photos.

Pinterest is photo-driven, and as any cooking magazine or cookbook editor will tell you, people are much more likely to try a recipe when they can see the end result in an appetizing photo.

That’s why magazine and book publishers spend millions of dollars each year on food stylists and high-end photography. When it comes to food, people “eat with their eyes” first.

I don’t know about you, but Pinterest has awakened my creativity in countless ways. Thanks to my fellow Pinners, I’ve learned how to:

and much, much more!

With Pinterest, even the most domestically challenged of us can transform ourselves into the ultimate Domestic Diva. Our fantasies of a Martha Stewart lifestyle, surrounded by chalk painted vintage dressers, mercury glass votives and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind holiday centerpieces are made possible, thanks to the ease of setting up a Pinterest Board and the courtesy of other Pinners, all dreaming of the perfect wedding, perfect dinner party, and perfect home.

Sure, it’s all a fantasy, but what’s wrong with a good fantasy?



  1. Long before Martha went away, I saw her on tv. The day she showed us her little tip of putting tissue paper in her folded clothing was the day I knew the truth. Either she was completely insane, or I was. Who has time or inclination to put tissue paper in their folded laundry?
    I know who – the person who makes all the money doing so… 😀

    1. LOL! So true! Thanks for taking the time to comment and happy folding!


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