Monthly Archives: November 2012

Filling in the blanks in your family history

When researching your family history, it’s easy to overlook some of your most valuable information sources: your elderly relatives. The approaching holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to interview your grandparents and great-grandparents about your family’s origins.


Pinterest turns everyone into Martha Stewart

With Pinterest, even the most domestically challenged of us can transform ourselves into the ultimate Domestic Diva. Our fantasies of a Martha Stewart lifestyle, surrounded by chalk painted vintage dressers, mercury glass votives and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind holiday centerpieces are made possible, thanks to the ease of setting up a Pinterest Board.

Today’s genealogy breakthrough: My great-great grandmother Susan Rotrock

One of the most challenging aspects about researching a family tree online (as opposed to, say, having a family member give you information) is that it isn’t always possible to trace back the maternal side of the generation, since women would relinquish their maiden names when they married. Sometimes there are clues in the first or middle names of their children, but not always.

The Buttermilk Dilemma

For me, cooking is all about improvisation. But baking is tricky (all that pesky chemistry) and it isn’t always possible to substitute ingredients without sacrificing the end product.