Somehow, this birthday seemed to have more significance than past years…wonder why… Mom and I traveled to Savannah, Ga. last weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday. We had a blast! It was my first visit to this beautiful city (I had attended a quilt show at the convention center a year ago February, but didn’t […]

Well, this round of chemo was an unusual one… As you may remember, I had to delay Round #4 one week because my pre-chemo labs indicated a very low platelet count. Plus, my red cell count was still below the acceptable range. Went back a week later (last Wednesday) for another set of labs and […]

Good news: The platelet count is back up, and I’m cleared for chemo #4 tomorrow (April 5). YAY!!!! But my red cell count hasn’t budged, despite my best spinach-and-beef-eating efforts, so I have agreed to a blood transfusion, which I will get on Saturday. Hopefully, that will get me back to the acceptable range for […]

Went in for my pre-chemo blood tests this morning. The good news is that my white cell count was very good and my red cell count was “low, but acceptable.” Apparently all that spinach and red meat I’ve been eating has done the job. But here’s the bad news: My platelet count was low, which […]

I have a “beautifully shaped head.” I have this on very good authority — my mom (who, I have to acknowledge, is most likely biased, since she had a hand in creating that head), my stylist, and a few of my quilting buddies have all told me that my bald head is a lovely shape. […]

I’ve turned a corner today. Yes, yesterday sucked, I spent most of the day napping, and by the time I went to bed, the leg cramps had come back full force and even a huge dose of ibuprophen, a hot shower and heating pads didn’t provide much relief. I’m happy to report that today is […]

Today is Day 6 of my third round of chemo and I’m supposed to be writing — I have two articles due to a client. But I just can’t concentrate. I don’t think it’s the “low red cell fatigue” we were cautioned to look out for…I’m just damn tired. On the positive side, I am […]