My former Nextel co-workers will understand the significance of this blog post’s title. 🙂 Rang the bell at 3:38 p.m. EDT today. Then mom and I went out for ice cream to celebrate. Seemed like the least I could do to thank her for her support over the past six months. Guess I’ll have to […]

I’ve been waiting MONTHS to write this blog post… Yesterday we met with the GYN oncologist for the first time since January…we’ve been seeing his PA over the past several months. I know the PA has kept my doctor briefed on my progress, and has consulted with him when I’ve had complications. But it was […]

Had my final Nadir labs and check-in my with my PA today. Blood work was good, including the white cell count. Hemoglobin is still lower than they want, but not in transfusion range. I shouldn’t have any issues with chemo next week. It was a rather bittersweet visit with the PA, especially when I think back […]

Today marks the six-month anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. You know, I probably could have survived these past six months without my mom’s help…but I’m so incredibly grateful that I didn’t have to. As I understand it, when you become a mom, you “sign up for” lots of hassles — teething, potty training, the Terrible […]

So this is something I’ve learned about having cancer: It’s kinda like being pregnant. Let me explain. When you are pregnant, at least into the second and third trimester, it’s pretty obvious that there is something going on. That baby bump is a dead giveaway. Same with cancer; the bald head and lack of facial […]

It’s official: I have five eyelashes left. Total. Both eyes, all four lids. I knew this would happen. There are probably 75 hairs left on my head, and the eyebrows which were always — let’s face it — on the skimpy side have all but disappeared. But I was hoping to keep my eyelashes. Sure, […]

Want to lower your blood pressure? Try spending a weekend on top of the Blue Ridge, surrounded by these views. Magical. Thanks to my very accommodating oncologist, I was able to delay Round 5 a week so I could attend my quilt guild’s annual retreat weekend, held at the Wildacres artist retreat near Little Switzerland, […]